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Parts of New Jersey – Nostalgia in Motion

I am not sure what it is that compels humans to be drawn to their pasts. Is it nostalgia? Memories of better days? Or is it just that with each passing year our lives seem to become more complex and … Continue reading

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Peekskill in the Rain – “Blow, wind! come, wrack!”

I recently won some Dainese leather pants on eBay and wanted to give them a test ride. Dainese makes the leathers most of the MotoGP riders wear and they provide a level of safety that regular clothing cannot approach. They … Continue reading

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Brackets and Locks

I really wish I could do more work on my bike but my parking garage does not allow mechanical work of any kind. It’s lame, but part of what I must deal with living in NYC as a motorcyclist. There … Continue reading

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Up On Bear Mountain

My day to ride is turning out to be Saturdays. I leave early, gas up, and just go and get lost. The early roads are beautiful to traverse because there is little to no traffic. During my first ride I … Continue reading

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Philadelphia for breakfast

Food. It sits at the bottom level of the pyramid of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs lumped in with other necessities such as water, sex, homeostasis, breathing, and sleep. We must have it to survive. But in the past few hundred years … Continue reading

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A Small Repair?

When I took the Brick in for inspection, Cycle Therapy informed me that the rear tail light was cracked. This was no a big deal. It was just a chunk of the red translucent plastic on the side of the … Continue reading

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Around the Island

I must be a glutton for punishment. I decided to go for a ride today on the Brick around the island of Manhattan just as rush hour was starting. I don’t want my battery to die and I like cranking … Continue reading

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