A Small Repair?

When I took the Brick in for inspection, Cycle Therapy informed me that the rear tail light was cracked. This was no a big deal. It was just a chunk of the red translucent plastic on the side of the lens that was missing. I could have just left it. I could have purchased some red taillight repair tape and could have been done with it. But there is something about me that’s different. I am a bit OCD and I like things to be properly repaired. I perused eBay to find a suitable used replacement. I found a few with a few minor problems but I thought to myself this would not do. This is my bike. It could very well be the last one I ever own, so I wanted to do it right. This bike deserved the dignity of a brand new replacement. I tracked down a new part at BikeBandit.com, an online parts dealer, and PayPaled a whopping $77.40 to order the ruby-esque plastic gem. That sounds like a lot of money to spend on an 24-year-old bike that in all reality did not even really need the replacement, but for some reason I felt compelled to spoil the old beast.

The new taillight arrived today and as I bolted it on, I thought of the story of Seabiscuit and Red Pollard. Red desperately nursed the injured race horse back to health while at the same time, tried to heal from his own injuries as he battled alcoholism. By providing the best of care for the wounded beast, Red’s problems seemed small and with that ideology was able to heal not only the animal but himself and eventually ride the horse to a win at Santa Anita.

I know what you are thinking – It’s just a taillight. I have recently dealt with a lot of cumulative pain, so in this case, I think it’s so much more. It’s giving the best care to a friend who is going to carry me cross-country this summer. The very least she deserves is a shiny new taillight – one new piece for an old motorcycle that many others would have given up on.

Cracked taillight Replaced
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