Peekskill in the Rain – “Blow, wind! come, wrack!”

I recently won some Dainese leather pants on eBay and wanted to give them a test ride. Dainese makes the leathers most of the MotoGP riders wear and they provide a level of safety that regular clothing cannot approach. They are very pricey so the best way it to purchase them is used. I already own a Dainese SF Pelle Jacket and the beauty of the pants and jacket being the same brand means they can be zipped together forming a suit.

I decided to take a short trip up the eastern side of the Hudson River just get a bite to eat and test the comfort of the leathers. I had no real destination and I didn’t even pick a place for lunch. I am slowly getting better at navigating my way out of town and learning the main roads to travel. My iPhone functions as a makeshift GPS and gets me where I need to go.

It started out as a beautiful day as I rolled over the hills of the Saw Mill letting the any stress drain out of my body. I noticed a little town on the left that had a carnival going on but decided to go a little further. As I drove on, the sky started to get gray and I felt a few rain drops. I turned back around and pulled into the town I spotted which turned out to be Peekskill, a quiet place right on the Hudson river. I punched “bar” into my iPhone and found a nearby place called the Peekskill Brewery. The bartender recommended the C.R.E.A.M. Ale and I sat at the cozy tavern and slowly sipped it’s coolness. I ordered the Fried Codfish Po’boy with Mac N’ Cheese on the side. The fish was unreal, very delicious and crisply fried. The Mac N’ Cheese was also heavenly – creamy and smooth with a crunchy top crust.

I thought the day could not get any better as I sat calmly and enjoyed my lunch. Then it happened – the skies opened up and the most torrential downpour gushed from the sky. Another motorcyclist (also a BMW rider) and I peered out the window in dismay. The streets flooded because the drains could not handle the immediate deluge. A vortex formed right outside the front door of the brewery carrying cigarette butts and scraps of paper seemingly to hell. The water line crept up the tires of my bike. Too much more flooding and I would have to run out and move it to another location. I decided not to let it bother me and realized like most things in life – this too shall pass. After a while it did. The street slowly drained and the rain came to a complete stop. I finished my lunch and decided to take advantage of the break and head home. The other motorcyclist warned me after checking the weather radar map on his smart phone, “There are some more bands of rain out there, be careful.”

There seems to be an unspoken camaraderie among motorcyclists. When we pass each other in opposite directions we wave as to say, “We are in this together”.  It’s something the cagers don’t understand. When we park next to each other, we almost always exchange a few words. It’s a mode of transportation for enthusiasts and that is why I relate to motorcyclists so much. I am a participator in life.

I hopped on the Brick and took the 9 south. It was clear for about 5 minutes and then it happened again. More rain. Hard driving rain. I didn’t pack any rain gear because I thought for such a short trip I would not need any. I could not have been more wrong. The rain drops pelted me like BB’s shot from a kid’s Daisy, but the leathers provided great protection from the impact. The leather did get heavy from the water and the worst part was that even though my boots are waterproof, I had tucked my pants into them which left a gap the rain easily penetrated. My feet were soaked and squished as I shifted gears.

The rain continued for about 35 miles. It was hard to see and I had to concentrate intensely. Cars passed me sending waves of water over me and the bike. I didn’t get upset though, there was no way of them knowing what was happening past their front tires. It was a dangerous ride but somehow I still remained at peace. Maybe it was the focus it required, or maybe it was the fact that I was conquering the rain. Nothing is going stop me from journeying on this 1988 BMW K75 this summer. We are going cross country together come hell or high water and this was a high water test to the nth degree.

As I approached Manhattan the rain abruptly lifted. It was like the gods were ending their test of my fortitude. Even with the rainfall I still had a good time. It was a different kind of a good time. A test of my mettle and spirit that I pushed myself to pass.

A little past Peekskill and back.

Leathers from eBay Starting mileage Peekskill Brewery
Street flood Vortex The Brick on the Hudson
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2 Responses to Peekskill in the Rain – “Blow, wind! come, wrack!”

  1. Alexa Sasha says:

    that’s a long ride!

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