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The Jersey Shore: A Day in Hell

Up until now, every trip on the Brick has been a pleasant one. Sure, I get lost from time to time but that’s like the old saying, “A bad day fishing…” Every once in a while when I tell people … Continue reading

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The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Mollusks

Part of the joy of owning a motorcycle is getting to perform mechanical work. Many will disagree with me regarding this mindset because most motorists view their vehicles as a mode of transportation, a device to get them from point … Continue reading

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Centralia, PA – A Burning Ghost Town

I don’t need much of an excuse to take the Brick to just about any destination. On a birthday phone call, my older brother John told me of a town called Centralia, PA that is now a ghost town because … Continue reading

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Father’s Day – The Magnetism of Paterson, NJ

This motorcycle serves many purposes for me. Sometimes it’s transportation, sometimes it’s a tool for meditation, and sometimes, like this ride on Father’s Day – it’s a time machine. I was born in northern New Jersey and I lived in … Continue reading

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To Storm King or Not to Storm King

I am traveling slightly further each time I take a ride on the Brick. Sometimes I just pick a random place and head out. Sometimes I do my research, and sometimes I don’t. This time I didn’t. My friends have … Continue reading

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The Corbin Seat – Myth or Reality?

My friends all made a point of sending me the recent news story about a man suing BMW and Corbin Seats for getting a 20 hour erection. Read the captivating story here. What non-motorcyclists don’t realize is that a comfortable … Continue reading

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A Day at the Boss’s House

I have a great parking space in my apartment building, but unfortunately I am forbidden to perform any mechanical work on my bike in the garage. I am sure the owners fear people will spill oil and just generally mess … Continue reading

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