Brackets and Locks

I really wish I could do more work on my bike but my parking garage does not allow mechanical work of any kind. It’s lame, but part of what I must deal with living in NYC as a motorcyclist. There are some simple things I can do in my apartment and I got a few of those done. First up was my luggage. The top case was rattling like crazy because the foam on the mounting plate was old and no longer supported the case.

I used a utility knife and carved off the old foam which was glued. I then used some Goof Off to remove the remaining glue. I cut two pieces of neoprene into strips, applied some contact cement, let them dry for 15 minutes, and pressed the strips on. The result was a very tight fitting top case which does not rattle. A very basic but needed repair.

The next item up for tinkering were the luggage locks. One of the biggest pet peeves of motorcyclists is having to carry a different key for all of the different locks on the bike. There is a front fork lock, the ignition, the gas cap lock, a seat lock, a topcase lock, and six (three on each case) system case locks. My top case and system case keys differed from the other key used on the rest of the bike. I thought my only course of action was to get new cylinders for the luggage. This was going to be expensive and I looked into other solutions.

I was very lucky to stumble up forum post about a lock “rekey” trick on the Motobrick forum. I was able to use a Dremel 300 to modify the wafers on the lock cylinders so that one key now fits every lock on the bike. This does not sound like a big deal but if you are OCD like me, it is a relief to get things like this in place. I did have to order two lock cylinders to replace two that were damaged, but I found a pair on ebay for cheap.

I love getting work like this done. It’s rewarding to get things to work more efficiently. Working with my hands is something that runs in my veins. I never tire of doing it.

Old Baseplate Foam Contact cement applied Lock “Rekey”
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