Saying Goodbye…

I just did the one thing I said I would not do. I sold the Brick. After my Summer Tour of 2013, I returned to New York City to find a letter in my mailbox that indicated a brutal rent increase to my already high rent. I have not had a raise from CCNY where I work in over 4 years so I had to minimize expenses or go bankrupt. I relocated to a cheaper apartment – a basement right across from Central Park with a great view of the garbage and recycling bins.

I reluctantly listed the Brick for $2200 ($200 less than my purchase price) with some nice pics on Craig’s List. After a few days of early bites and low-ball offers, a serious customer named Greg came to see the bike. He had owned a BMW K75 before and knew of the dependability of the machine. I had no selling to do. I had already taken off the Corbin seat and sold that separately. He wanted to test ride the bike. I said, “You’ll have to put the cash in my hand just in case anything happens.” Greg agreed, handed me an envelope stuffed with bills, fired up the bike, and shot down Central Park West. I saw him lock the rear brake and get a little sideways. “What have I done?” I said to myself.

Greg pulled in from around the block and called it a done deal. I signed over the title, gave him a few doodads that went along with the bike and just like that, she was gone. I bought the Brick on April of 2012 and sold her today on October 9th, 2013. A year-and-a-half of a lot of fun times and 14,000 miles together.

I bought the bike to help heal my soul after a broken engagement and the Brick did her job. Nothing calmed me more than ticking off miles through the mountains of upstate New York. I took the bike on my first ever cross country trip in 2012 and did another East Coast tour in the summer of 2013. The Brick never let me down. Not once. She started with the first press of the stater button every single time. Riding the bike helped me to let go of a lot of past pain and on this day of the sale I wasn’t as sad as I thought I would be.

The Brick moves on to another owner for more new adventures. There’s plenty of miles left on the bike due to my (and the previous owner’s) militant servicing. She will serve Greg well.

So farewell old friend, and as in the ending of the movie Raising Arizona, I have a foggy dream that our paths will cross again to someday to ride through mountains, along oceans, and on race tracks and eventually fulfilling the never-ending journey towards inner peace.



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