A New Project – Popp Over America

Yes, I realize I have some gaps from Summer Tour 2013 to fill in this blog and I am slowly catching up. I have received a lot of messages to the effect of “How does it end?” I promise to get caught up soon. I just put up a post about the sale of the Brick back in October of 2013.

Sale? Yes, I currently have no motorcycle. But I rented several bikes from Jupiter’s Motorcycle Rental in 2014 and took several great trips including Montreal. I have been enjoying riding different types and styles of machinery.

But the really big news is that I have a motorcycle project brewing! It’s a TV show I am going to create called Popp Over America. The show will chronicle a non-stop 48-state tour as a singer-songwriter on a a motorcycle. I am also riding to raise awareness Multiple Sclerosis a disease that affects my girlfriend Jenny, as well as over 400,000 other in the U.S.A.

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2 Responses to A New Project – Popp Over America

  1. donnyjames says:

    Brilliant Joe – nothing not to like there, well apart from your girlfriend’s MS of course. :-/ Bit weird you even seem to own an Arai Phil Read rep. helmet! The tour sounds amazing, as I said before back over on my blog, good luck and may your guitar case never leak!

    • Joe Popp says:

      Thanks Donny! I bought the Phil Read and an Agostini replica a few years ago. Like a goof I sold the Agostini. I’ve tried to get Arai to sponsor, me but no reply. Love their helmets!

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