The Corbin Seat – Myth or Reality?

My friends all made a point of sending me the recent news story about a man suing BMW and Corbin Seats for getting a 20 hour erection. Read the captivating story here. What non-motorcyclists don’t realize is that a comfortable seat is key to having a good relationship with your bike, especially when the two of your are going to spend a lot of time together. The seat is where the most intimate parts of the human body connect with the motorcycle – the point where your loins meet. Wait. EEEEWWWWWW!

The stock seat on my K75 was really a torture device. It was flat and hard from the years, and foam had aged much like a a piece of hard cheese. I am going to be doing a lot of driving on this bike so I purchased a new Corbin seat. Or rather I should say, that I financed one. I couldn’t afford it, but if I wanted to have a good relationship with my bike it was a much needed enhancement to our blossoming love.

The seat arrived much quicker than I expected. I was told four weeks and it came in about one (Thanks Corbin!). I dragged the carton up to my apartment with as much anticipation as an aging husband seeing his wife’s new  breast augmentation for the first time. I feverishly peeled the tape off of the box. I stripped off the plastic like a kid at Christmas and much to my surprise, they left off the top tags and did the side stitching in black,  just like I wanted (Thanks Corbin!).

I wanted to install the seat, but as I have stated in previous posts, my garage forbids any type of mechanical work. I tried to rationalize this in my head. How was me changing my seat any different from a mom or dad installing a kid’s safety seat into the back of a car? My brain parsed and answered, “none, none different”. So Ninja Mechanic sprung into action. I grabbed my allen wrenches, a 12mm box wrench, a Gerber Multi-Plier, a head mounted flashlight,  and pressed the “C” button on the elevator. The job was done quick and tidy reminiscent on The Wolf in Pulp fiction. The new seat was installed.

I sat upon it and yes it was miraculous. Now I’m not sure about a 20 hour erection, but the way this seat feels, I would not rule out the possibility (Thanks Corbin!).

The road awaits…

A dim picture of the secretly installed Corbin Seat.

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