Getting a bike…Serendipitously…

In June of 2009 I was lucky enough to get a one year sabbatical from my job at City College. During that time, I moved from NYC to Florida and I purchased a 1994 Ducati 900SS SP. I loved that bike and fully restored it to almost new condition. I did a blog about it for a while but ended up just having more fun riding it. You can view the blog by clicking here. When my sabbatical ended I wanted to keep the bike but I realized I was out of money and need to get an apartment in NYC again and had to sell the bike. The other realization was that it was not a good bike for long trips so that eased the blow of letting her go.

I’ve have now been back from sabbatical for over a year and a half and I missed riding on  two wheels. Parking in NYC is expensive but I am lucky to have a garage right under my new apartment. I beat them down on price and decided I could just barely afford a bike if I found a cheaper older one that I liked.

I always liked the BMW K75 and saw an auction for a 1988 that just closed on eBay. The auction winner backed out and it was re-listed. I bid slightly more than I could afford and ended up losing the auction. I was bummed because the bike was nearby and well maintained. I looked at a few other bikes like Honda Interceptors and I even almost bought a minty Honda CBR600F2. But as I was in the middle of negotiating a deal on the F2, Andrew, the owner of the K75 called me. I had given him my number in an auction question. He said that the second winner backed out and he just really wanted to get rid of the bike. I made him an offer and he jumped on it. On April 26th he was kind enough to bring it near Penn Station. I looked it over and handed him the envelope of cash. As he reluctantly slipped the title into my hand, I noticed a slight aura of remorse. He had put over 30,000 miles on the bike and it must have felt like moving away from an old friend. I snapped a picture with him and he walked off into the misty day.

I put the key in the bike and I couldn’t figure out had to start it! So I called Andrew like a total goof. He was kind and did not laugh. “It’s the green one on the right side” he bellowed over the din of Penn Station. I pressed the button and the bike growled to life. I had not been on a bike since last June when I rented a Triumph and drove to Canada. I was a little nervous. It began to rain a bit but the bike handled very nicely. I pulled into my parking garage and put it on the center stand. I could not believe it. This beautiful black bike that had eluded me in two auctions was now sitting in my garage. I stared at it for at least 20 minutes dreaming of rides to come…

The previous owner and I near Penn Station.

The K75 in my parking garage. You can see why the bike is called the flying brick

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